Monday, April 4, 2011

Philippine Prudential Life Scam and other Related Issues

Beginning last year, policy holders of Philippine Prudential Life scam issues that started to be concerned related to the poor write-ups relating the company’s marketing method.  Just before that, few of the biggest and most reputable pre-need companies in the Philippines were not able to fulfill their contractual responsibilities to prolonged-standing customers.  That lead in several pre-need planholders to submit cases towards this company.  Years afterwards, this policyholders carry on living in uncertainty and remains questioning if their pre-need company would actually pay their commitments.

Such in the situation of Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company or PPLIC.  It obviously doesn't help issues which carries a identical name having a pre-need firm known as Prudential Life Plans, that ceased operating and offering pre-need plans more than a year ago.  It has produced issues more tough for PPLIC to show its authority facing the distributing informations about Philippine Prudential Life scam.

Philippine Prudential Life Services

PPLIC has become one of the founders of Mortgage Redemption Insurance, or later known as Credit Life Insurance, a plan that is created to pay off the borrower’s loan in the instance of the borrower’s death.  PPLIC is usually one of the several life insurance companies that offer group life insurance plans.  Group life insurance plans includes labor unions, business or company employees, members of an association, etc.  PPLIC also offers LABB (or Life Accident and Dismemberment Burial Benefit) designed for low-paid Filipino workers and employees.  5 in Juan Plan, a collection of five plans, involves life insurance, LABB, accidental medical reimbursement, daily hospitalization advantages and dental services.  PPLIC also provides educational, health, and individual plans.

Awards and Recognitions

PPLIC holds the Superbrands reputation, a internationally well known institution that honors to the leader in branding around the world.  Superbrands acknowledgements goes beyond branding.  It recognizes companies, manufacturers, and brands that emphasis on the good will of the people, and are specifically selected and desirable to the people.

Each insurance providers encounters the unpleasant chance of failure. Philippine Prudential Life is aware of exactly where the concerns are originating from, it also appears to provide its plansholders towards the best of its capability.